Rockhampton Volkswagen Servicing

At Rockhampton Volkswagen, our service department is a little different from the rest. Unlike some car service departments, our main priority is not only on providing a professional service to the cars that we look after, but our focus is on providing an excellent service experience to our customers.

Rockhampton Volkswagen Service Volkswagen

At Rockhampton Volkswagen, we understand the frustration of being without a vehicle and the stress it can cause trying to organise alternative transport while your car is in the shop. Our service department aims to ease this stress and get you on the road as soon as possible by providing a pickup/drop off service to all our customers. We also have a limited number of courtesy vehicles available which can be booked in advance for a small fee.

All our trained technicians only use genuine parts on your vehicle – so your new car warranty will be protected! And the latest state of the art equipment to ensure that your vehicle is maintained and repaired to the highest standards. We will fix your car right the first time!

Why Volkswagen Service is the best choice?

Why Volkswagen Service is the best choice?


We know that your family’s safety is your number one priority. When you’re on the road you want to feel confident that your car is as safe as the day you bought it. With our factory trained technicians, and specialised diagnostic equipment, we offer you peace of mind unlike a third party ever could.                 

Why Volkswagen Service is the best choice?

Customer care

You may use it to get you to work, or catch up with family and friends, maybe you even use it to escape the rat race. Whatever you use your car for, we understand that it’s an important part of your life. At Volkswagen Service we treat every car like it’s our own. Because, in a way it is.

Why Volkswagen Service is the best choice?

Volkswagen parts

Volkswagen Genuine Parts® are manufactured precisely for each Volkswagen model. Non genuine parts may compromise your Volkswagen’s performance, reliability and safety.  Ensure your Volkswagen receives Volkswagen Genuine Parts® by servicing at a Volkswagen dealership.

When should I service my Volkswagen?

Time or distance travelled.

Scheduled services should be performed based on either time or distance travelled, whichever comes first. Below are some examples:

Your Volkswagen’s first service interval is at 12 months or 15,000km. After 12 months you and your Volkswagen have only travelled 9,000km. This means your Volkswagen needs to be serviced at the 12 month interval.  

Your Volkswagen’s first service interval is at 12 months or 15,000km. 7 months has passed and you and your Volkswagen have travelled 15,000km. This means your Volkswagen needs to be serviced based on distance as you have reached the kilometre interval for your first service.

Why should I service my Volkswagen on time?

Pleased as punctuality

Following your Volkswagen’s service schedule helps ensure that major components of your vehicle are working right. It also makes sure that oils and fluids are replaced on time to keep your Volkswagen working as it should. Getting behind on your servicing schedule can lead to numerous problems down the road:

  • Minor repairs developing into potentially larger, more expensive repairs.
  • Safety issues, e.g. braking systems not working correctly.
  • A reduction in fuel efficiency.
  • Potential to jeopardise your vehicle’s warranty.